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Ich stelle ja ständig komische Fragen, also beantworte ich natürlich auch welche, dir mir gestellt werden. In diesem Fall von Themisprojektperson. Welches Pokémon würdest du am ehesten in deiner realen Umgebung haben wollen und warum? Ein Schiggy. Damit hätte ich … Weiterlesen

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Dog People vs. Cat People: Are There Differences In What They Look For in Romantic Partners?

Before you start reading this, please keep in mind that this survey was created for fun reasons and was not designed to be „super rigid proper sciency sciency science“. This was a fun and nerdy way for me to procrastinate, … Weiterlesen

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On „The Lion King“

I love The Lion King. It has without doubt been my favorite Disney movie ever. It has cats. Big fluffy cats. Not only that. It has a little fluffy cat being raised into a big fluffy cat by a gay … Weiterlesen

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On homophobic behavior

I live an extremely privileged life. Not only have I lived in countries in which being gay isn’t illegal my entire life, I am also lucky enough to have a family and friends who are accepting and supportive of me … Weiterlesen

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On Marriage

So, Britain has just decided to legalize gay marriage. While I generally think that this is a good (and long overdue) step, I wish it had abolished marriage altogether instead. Here is why: 1) It is discriminatory. Sure, it has … Weiterlesen

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On Victims and Offenders

All the media attention on the Steubenville rape case has made me think a lot about violence against women and rape in particular and more importantly about gendered norms surrounding the terms victim and offender. First of all, before anybody … Weiterlesen

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